Making the Ordinary Look Extraordinary
Commissioned Portraits
Fantasy Lighting in Sutro Forest
Superheroes on Skyscrapers

A death-defying photo and video shoot staged at the edge of a 40 story skyscraper in downtown San Francisco. The shoot symbolized the extremes SmugMug (sponsor) staff would go to for the love of photography. 

Role: Creative Ideation, Shoot Logistics, Legal, Crew, Marketing, Audience Development, Artist Relations

Artist: Benjamin Von Wong

BTS Video:

Arctic Swell - Surfing the Ends of the Earth

Surfers brave sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic Circle to capture moments of raw beauty in conditions that rank among the harshest in the natural world. 

Role: Producer, Artist Relations, Audience Development, Research, Legal, Marketing, PR, Sponsorships

Artist: Chris Burkard

Making the Ordinary Look Extraordinary
Making the Ordinary Look Extraordinary

With a $20 budget, photographer Benjamin Von Wong proved that anyone can look like an elite athlete. 

Role: Producer, Artist Relations, Staff Relations, Marketing, PR

Artist: Benjamin Von Wong


Climbing Ice - The Iceland Trifecta

Death-defying adventure, stunning landscapes, and rarely-documented feats of physical endurance and skill in Iceland.

Role: Content Director, Artist Relations, Producer, Audience Development, Marketing, PR

Artist: Tim Kemple

Accolades: Selected as a Finalist at the Banff Film Festival

Editorial: Photo Tips, Climbing Guide, Behind-The-Scenes Story

Just a Dad with a Camera

An intimate journey with a young dad balancing fatherhood with his duties with those of the family historian.

Role: Producer, Creative Direction, Research, Artist Relations

Artist: Brent Gilmore

Elia Locardi - Nomadic Photographic

Childhood sweethearts Elia and Naomi Locardi quit their day jobs for a life on the road, continuously circling the globe to capture some of the world's most breathtaking scenes.

Role: Pre-Production, Artist Relations

Artist: Elia Locardi

Dreams of a Digital Artist

The inspirational story of how one woman recovered from a life-threatening motorcycle crash to become one of the world's premier digital artists. 

Role: Artist Relations, Creative Direction, Audience Development, Marketing, PR

Artist: Renee Robyn

Pulse-Pounding Aerial Photography

A behind-the-scenes look at how photographer Jessica Ambats captures the beauty of flight. 

Role: Content Development, Artist Relations, Audience Development, Marketing, PR

Artist: Jessica Ambats

Capturing What You Can't Control

Behind-the-scenes with acclaimed water photographer Sarah Lee, who creates art that captures the interplay of people, water, and light. 

Role: Artist Relations, Marketing, Content Development

Artist: Sarah Lee

Commissioned Portraits
Commissioned Portraits

A weeks-long residence in which digital artist Renee Robyn (Canada) photographed and composited dozens of digital portraits of staff members. 

Role: Program Development, Producer, Artist Relations, Staff Relations

Artist: Renee Robyn

Point, Click, ShootTokyo

Walk the neon-lit streets of Tokyo.

Role: Artist Relations, Producer, Legal

Artist: Dave Powell

Photo Seminar

A full-day, hands on photo workshop for SmugMug staff, hosted by acclaimed photographer and viral sensation Elena Shumilova from Russia. Her photos received 60M views in 2015 alone. 

Contributions: Artist Relations, Event Producer

Artist: Elena Shumilova


Fantasy Lighting in Sutro Forest
Fantasy Lighting in Sutro Forest

An exploration of fantasy lighting in San Francisco's Sutro Forest. Hair and Make up provided by Emmy Award winning artists. 

Role: Producer, Artist Relations, Staff Relations

Artist: Benjamin Von Wong

Mom Captures Childhood of Her Sons

A never before seen look at the Russian mom who took the internet by storm with her idyllic photos of childhood. 

Role: Artist Relations, Producer

Artist: Elena Shumilova